Mental Attitudes in Preparedness

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News –

Ian – 9 quakes hit vancouver island in 3 days. 


Earthquakes rattle northern Vancouver Island on Christmas Day

Eric – Ice storm in Ontario


Tyler – Canada isn’t the only one fighting for gun ownership rights… 


Powder keg: Police, veterans join citizen militia in Virginia as libs vow sweeping gun laws


Shortly after the November 5 elections, Virginia Democrats (more specifically new Governor Ralph Northam) declared immediate gun control measures would be enacted when lawmakers begin their new session in January. Democrats are expected to pass at least eight gun control measures which include: 


As a result, “Sanctuary Cities” have been popping up…

Chance to demonstrate your leadership skills 


OODA loop –  Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act




For more inspiration on the mental game – The Jocko Podcast. (Jocko Willink) Tony Robbins meets Rambo.


Bear independent 


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.  Psychology of survival book.




Self evaluate and come up with one thing you have put off .  Vow to complete it by national preparedness week in May. 

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Camping available in nearby Dalhousie

Shooting & Stop the bleed course

Charity TBD

Annual Preppers meet – second week of July , Desboro, ON

Emergency preparedness week May 3-9

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