Must Haves For Vehicle Maintenance

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Get at least three tools that you feel will save you money or increase your car’s reliability in the long term.   Ie oil drain pan to save on changes, or battery charger…

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Ian – Podcaster Charity Shoot.  Hosted by Slam Fire radio. July 4th, 2020.  Balmoral, NB (Restigouche Gun club)

Camping available in nearby Dalhousie

Steel challenge (22 pistol, 22rifle, PCC or pistol) Steel pistol bay, trap and a fun shoot,

Stop the bleed course

Charity TBD

Eric – Annual Preppers meet – second week of July , Desboro, ON

lan – Emergency preparedness week May 3-9

Shout Outs

Eric – All the first responders who are working over the holidays


Ian – Andrew at Ragnarok rifles cases on a ridiculously good deal….



Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, 

Prepper mindset, positive attitudes attitudes, and procrastination…….

Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Ian) Merry Christmas!

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