Staying Warm in Power Outages

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News –


Alan – – 3:20pm, home invasion/sexual assault. It can happen at any time to anyone.. – North Korea advancing their missile tests -China threatening sanctions against Germany if Huawei is prohibited from operating Germany


Bill blair mandate letter….bullet point one


On a Completely unrelated note….


Venezuelans regret gun ban


Minister of cdn heritage


Second bullet point 

3000 Truck drivers laid off as trucking giant dies

Search and Rescue Group in Mississauga is recruiting.

And Arrowsmith local to me


Eric – 


Tyler –


Princess auto wood stove + Metal sleeve insert for woodstove in window hole.

Princess Auto 68 buck wood stove :




Alan – Come up with a plan to secure your home from freeze damage, and heat at least a portion of your home to a habitable level. Assumption is the coldest weather of the year, for two weeks.   

Upcoming events

Ian – Podcaster Charity Shoot.  Hosted by Slam Fire radio. July 4th, 2020.  Balmoral, NB (Restigouche Gun club)

Camping available in nearby Dalhousie

Steel challenge (22 pistol, 22rifle, PCC or pistol) Steel pistol bay, trap and a fun shoot,

Stop the bleed course

Charity TBD

Eric – Annual Preppers meet – second week of July , Desboro, ON

Alan – Emergency preparedness week May 3-9

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Eric – Maintainers of 



Tracey wilson and the CCFR. 3 letter challenge. 

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