Long Term Storage of Firearms and Valuables

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Eric –Welcome to episode #50 (Woo hoo!)  of the Canadian Prepper Podcast, recorded Jan 12,  2020.

My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such as ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.

Alan – I’m Alan, and my friends and family call me a safety nerd. My background as a Medical First Responder developed a mind for safety. I teach first aid and coach family and friends to be better prepared. I’m a locksmith by trade and have worked in the physical security industry for more than 20 years now.

Tyler – My name is Tyler, and I’m broadcasting from my five-acre homestead here in Northwestern Wisconsin, USA. Since purchasing my first house, I have been working to turn my property into a self-sufficient homestead with an emphasis on preparedness.

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Eric – We have some well-preserved content for you in this episode,  We’re going to start off with some preparedness related news articles. Next we will be letting you know how we’ve improved our preparedness since our last episode.  Then we’ll get into the main topic for this episode – long term storage of valuables.  


News –

Alan – Rough weekend in South Western Ontario as a massive rain storm turned lawns into lakes and then froze them 


Ian – new strain of corona virus (like SARS)  in China



Ahhhhh!  Snow in Vancouver:)


No ferries, no food.


Eric – nuke plant 



Hugues – 

Colin – 

Tyler – 







Eric – Annual doctor checkup, another one tomorrow, added an olight to my EDC  

Ian –  am I getting home pre-show? Been gone since the Iran missile attack.  Hard pass.

Tomorrow, back at it.

Alan – Busy week of studying (big test in 5 days), and multiple emergency responses. Set up Amazon Subscriptions for a few essentials to ensure that we’re never running out of important stuff. 

Tyler – Spent my weeknights getting caught up on paperwork/bills. Refilled 20 gallons worth of gas cans and three 20lb propane cylinders. Organized the gun safe and added some motion lights inside the safe. 

Colin – 


Main Topic – 

Eric – Alright, it’s time to move onto the main topic of the show. (Each host insert talking points here)


Eric –  

Storage of valuables and firearms are fairly similar, extreme temperatures and moisture will be your main enemies. After that people looking to steal your firearms and valuables are the next thing to be worried about.

First off, follow all firearm safety rules before handling your firearm! 


  • Break down your firearm for cleaning
  • Decock the firearm for storage, this takes tension off the springs. There are arguments for and against this. Do what you’re comfortable with
  • Give it a good wipe down, fingerprints leave all kinds of oil that can over time cause an issue (wear gloves)
  • Give your firearm a good ceaning, really good take a lot of time. After you’ve cleaned and cleaned it again apply a thin layer of gun oil to help protect any exposed metal parts
  • Thoroughly clean the bore, once its clean apply a thin layer of oil as well to help protect it
  • If you have a  wood stock treat it with a wax to prevent swelling and cracking


  • Modern ammunition can be stored for decades
  • Biggest enemy for ammunition is heat, make sure its stored in a cool dry place
  • Get a container with a sealing gasket, this will help keep moisture out
  • A small desiccant pack will help control moisture

Storage Area:

  • Gun safe is the best option, most are designed  to help protect against moisture
  • Use a silicone treated gun sock, helps protect against moisture and  dings
  • Dehumidifier is KEY, I use an Eva-dry unit in my gun safe. No power needed just have to dry it out every once and a while by plugging it into an outlet for 24h
  • Don’t store your guns in cases, the linings (foam pads) attract moisture
  • Cardboard boxes are equally a bad choice due to moisture collection
  • Make sure the firearms aren’t touching or rubbing against each other


  • Make sure to take your firearms out every few months (they get lonely), have a look to make sure no rust is forming
  • Give them a quick oil and wipe down
  • Assess the dehumidification system, does it need to be recharged?

Tyler – Primary storage is my gun safe… https://www.stack-on.com/product/armorguard-64-gun-safe-72/

Big bastard… 725lbs empty. Just moved it last weekend. Was in attached basement garage. High temperature swings and humidity, so moved into house. Nobody is walking away with that thing and theft is my biggest concern. Not a liberty but at half the price I love it. 

-Fireproof for 30 minutes up to 1400° F (verified by an independent laboratory)

-4-way door locking with seven 1.5″ live action locking bolts and three 1″ dead bolts for a total of 10 locking points


When purchasing firearms, consider SS barrel/synthetic/polymer stock models over blued steel barrel/wood stock. More spendy but won’t rust or deteriorate. OPSEC considerations…

All ammo is NOT created equally… Make sure your firearms correctly cycle that particular brand or grain count BEFORE stocking up with 1000’s of rounds.

Should last decades IF stored properly… Store in cool/dark place. Label and rotate ammunition just like food/water preps. 

Vacuum sealed bags or ziploc bags w/ air squeezed out.

Steel and/or plastic ammo boxes. 


For Transportation – Plastic/Aluminum hard protective cases w/ pick-n-pluck foam to perfectly hold your firearms. (Often used for photography/videography)(Pelicans are too spendy… go to Harbor Freight). 

IP Rating = Durability/waterproofing/Etc.

Regular gun cases (pistol and/or long rifle)(OPSEC – Cedar Mill – guitar, airline approved, etc.). 

All available at your local Harbor Freight,FleetFarm, and Menards. Obviously your outdoors stores (Cabelas, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop, etc.) but they seem a little more spendy.

Harbor Freight, Fleet Farm, and Menards run some great deals on these items… Save$$$ but it’s important to protect investments (i.e. guns and ammo…Guns will rust and ammo will go bad)



Moisture Absorbers – Damprid and/or Arm & Hammer

https://www.menards.com/main/hardware/safes/safe-accessories/sports-afield-rechargeable-dehumidifier/xd-3/p-1560234824835-c-9573.htm $27 at menards. Works great. Stack-On makes one also.

Disposable Silica gel packets…

Homemade – salt/rice in tissue/cloth with ammo.

(Be careful with leakages on chemical moisture absorbers…)


Oiled gun wipes, gun oil, cleaning kits. TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR FIREARMS BEFORE STORING… CLEAN/CHECK REGULARLY… Refinishing/Bluing Rifles?


Secret cache? PVC or 55-gallon drum buried underground.

Fake/empty book on the book shelf

DVD case full of cash with all other DVD’s

False venting ducts or waste pipes

False outlet cover/light switches/heat register/cold-air return

Ian –  Air salt, water bad.  Constant temp even better.  Condensation collects water.  

Fun fact… gold and diamonds don’t rust.  Silver indeed can be affected by storage. As can dollah dollah bills…..

Cosmoline  – history of……Ointment, antiseptic, udder-ly awesome.




Ballistol – sane idea.  As good as windex 



Break free

Vacuum sealer, 2 ply at least  Rags to soften edges. Dessicant packs, O2 absorbers.  Seal wood and metal parts separate.


Walmart ammo cans versus metal ammo cans.  

4.88 each cross border.  Check the seal, but Just as good


PVC pipe Seal it off ….versus threaded end cap.  Proper adhesive and Silicone tape

Channel lock pliers to close 

Places to hide:

Hide in plain sight.  Diamonds in the aquarium:). 

Dog house 

, Inside tree trunks 

False walls (Molson center) Buddy’s rental unit

Places no one wants to go.  (Bottom of porta potty) Septic tank, fish ponds

Use easily remembered / found landmarks.

Don’t want a repeat of “Holes”

Removal of cosmoline…… Brake cleaner, heating up.  Varsol. Garbage bag in the sun.



Gather the items you need to protect any valuables for future generations to enjoy….


Episode Closing

Upcoming events

Eric- Podcaster Charity Shoot.  Hosted by Slam Fire radio.  July 4th, 2020. Balmoral, NB (Restigouche Gun club)


Camping available in nearby Dalhousie


Steel challenge (22 pistol, 22rifle, PCC or pistol) Steel pistol bay, trap and a fun shoot,


Stop the bleed course


Charity TBD

Alan- Annual Preppers meet – second week of July , Desboro, ON


Alan – Emergency preparedness week May 3-9

Eric – TACCOM Canada 2020 – Sept 11-13. The Canadian Pro-Gun Podcasters Network will be in attendance at TACCOM 2020. Your favourite Podcasters will be on hand throughout the show, so make sure you stop by the booth to meet your favourites and pick up some swag. Or drop by while we do our special live broadcast where we will be talking to event organizers, guest speakers and vendors about all of their new and must-have product. You can see details for the show at www.taccomcanada.com  And stay tuned for ticket release details!

Shout Outs

Alan – 

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Ian – Northern elite firearms for the personalized service & fast shipping on brass.

SFRC for engaging their customer base .  Liking their Facebook page gets you entered into a regular draw for goodies, from quads to tools, etc.

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Email / Itunes reviews?

Alan – 

Ian –  From Susan :


Great podcast .I’ve been listening since last spring and Have taken a lot of the shows prepping subject matter to good use. My vpn app luna allows me to pick regions in the world with less traffic like Indonesia. My long term prep project is a solar battery charger also micro greens ,vertical grow systems.



Hugues – 

Eric – 39 5*  3 4* 2 3* 1 1*

Colin – 


Eric –  I’m going to bring episode 50  of the Canadian Prepper Podcast to an end.   You can find the podcast on Itunes, Podbean, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.  Please help us out; take a few minutes and submit a review! It helps other people find us.  You can also find us at prepperpodcast.ca and on Facebook!

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Hugues – I can be reached at hfxprepper@gmail.com and I have my own YouTube Channel, just search “HFX Prepper”.

Tyler – If you have any questions or advice for me, you can Email into the show at feedback@prepperpodcast.ca.

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Ian – You can reach Ian directly, by emailing me at theislandretreat@gmail.com . 

You can also find me on Canadian Patriot Podcast, also available on Itunes and Youtube.  There you will find us discussing more government waste, squirreling off on the odd firearms related banter, and exposing the daily loss of freedoms we’re facing.

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Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, 

It’s defcon 1!!!!! 


Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Alan) keep learning!

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