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Ian – grizzly stalks hiker, then the conservation officers.


“Small” Grizz .  Hiker Had leg damage, and a hunk missing from his kidney area.  Fought off with eye gouges , then used a small pocket knife. Used a tourney, rode  bike .camp guys did well with basic first aid.


Bear stalked them after getting a taste for humans. 


Zombie deer apocalypse!


Long gestation of disease is making correlation problematic, but it may be a concern of jumping to humans.

Eric – 


How other Canadian municipalities lost money to fraudsters and hackers


Millions of Canadians’ data exposed after hacker targets Capital One


Millions of Canadians’ data exposed after hacker targets Capital One


Hugues – 


The hurricane season has been rather quiet. Will it last?

Facebook.  Getting a Police visit when owning stuff the man thinks you shouldn’t


Don’t show a prohibited device online, either….


Jessica Yaniv, a transgender B.C. activist, says she was arrested for brandishing a Taser



Lower your internet footprint.  Apply true grey man theory to your Facebook profile, and try to be less predictable and marketable with a VPN.  Don’t be the product!

(Hypocritical alert, coming from a podcast) 

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Tactical and Competitive Shooting sports show – Sept 6-8 in Toronto


Think SHOT show in Canada..  CCFR recent episode covered it.

Parksville-Qualicum Gun Show


Sept 15, 2019.  


Coombs Fairground


(Near Parksville and Goats on the roof)


CCFR Booth


Right around the corner from A company military surplus

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