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Welcome to episode #33  of the Canadian Prepper Podcast, recorded August 16, 2019.


News –


Alan- explosion in London destroys 7 homes after impaired driver crashes into house severing gas line (actually up to 10 now, additional homes have been taken down due to structural instability. All but 12 properties have been reopened for occupants)




Ian – Man stops wolf attack in Banff.  (Kira interaction with cougar)




Hong Kong Airport shut down for second day – 




Police chiefs say handgun ban won’t stop flow of weapons into Canada




To prevent spread, Report what you see!


Our local is *5555 to report fires.  


BC govt preparedness guide




Survival blankets for the bush….https://www.vallfirest.com/en/fireproof-blankets




Make an itemized list of what you would want replaced by insurance.  Take some photos of the items to prove ownership, or of the receipts.  -Save to a thumb drive


Upcoming events

Ian – “TACCOM” Tactical and Competitive Shooting sports show – Sept 6-8 in Toronto




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