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Ep 13 – Basic Orienteering


Eric –Welcome to episode #13 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast, Finding your way.   recorded Feb 13, 2019.


My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such has ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.

Ian – Greetings from Vancouver Island.  My name is Ian, and I live on a small hobby farm.   I am an outdoor enthusiast, target shooter, reloader, and my farm’s designated handyman.


My professional background has allowed me to explore all of Canada.  It has taught me to adapt to unexpected situations, and also reinforces my belief that learning never ends.


Alan – I’m Alan, and my friends and family call me a safety nerd. My background as a Medical First Responder developed my mind for safety. I teach first aid and coach family and friends to be better prepared. I’m a locksmith by trade and have worked in the physical security industry for more than 20 years now


Gavin – Business owner, gun owner, hunter, atheist, volunteer first responder and CCFR field officer for the GTA and regular panelist on the other CPP, Canadian Patriot Podcast`

News –


Alan –


this article from upstate New York (Fulton County) paints a bleak picture. 55 staff are laid off and all the ambulances in the county are idle after financial trouble forced them to stop responding. The article references help from adjoining counties, but it means that response times will be delayed, if help comes at all.

Ian –


Smartphones leading some Gatineau Park hikers astray –


Gatineau Park hikers who rely on their cellphones for directions are getting lost when the technology fails, a trend that’s worrying guides and park staff.


Poor reception, drained batteries and outdated trail information have led trekkers down the wrong path. Adding to the danger is the fact that the mobile apps rarely include details about challenging difficult terrain.

Why the need to think about orienteering?


-Unfamiliar city


-Loss of electronics


-Lost in the woods


-Coordinating a hike,hunt, patrol, search etc.


-Situational awareness


-Knowledge of threats relative to your position . (ie fire to the south)


-Placing solar panels in True South direction


Finding a cache or making & marking one. (Geocaching as a learning tool.)


And  of course Buried treasure:)


True versus magnetic north – Magnetic variation. (This matters if your compass is your only method of navigation. If you pay attention to landmarks, you always have a direction to head rather than having to know exactly which direction to walk or drive)


Calculator trick – UTC X 15 -Long – Variation (+variation east of thunder bay)


15 degrees per hour, take away your distance from Greenwich, account for variation


Watch trick – Analog only:)          


North Star-  found by looking up from the big dipper, end of the tail of the little dipper.


Southern cross?  Anyone know about it?  


Using landmarks to avoid travelling in circles

Recommended APPs.


Pure GPS – Basic Lat/Long , programmable destinations and waypoint. – Downloadable maps. No need for cell coverage.  Offline GPS.


Google maps and screen shots of where you need to be


Navtronics – Use for on the boat


Free maps!



Alan- pace out 100 meters and learn to estimate your distance covered by using pacing beads/counting.  (uphill, downhill, level ground and on paved roads, grass, fields, rough terrain etc)


Ian-Also Good for estimating ranges for target shooting and hunting. Do this while you’re doing you 5k walks from the last challenge

Ian – Mad props to the cougar strangler


Canada Ammo – Put out  small compact “MSR” clones of a propane stove.  Nice to see some downward prices on gear. Hopefully it works!.


Eric- Where can people find the show?


Alan- You can find the podcast on Itunes, Podbean, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.  Please help us out take a few minutes and submit a review! It helps other people find us. You can also find us at  Our Youtube live shows are now available, please subscribe to the YouTube channel “The Island Retreat “, and click the notifications tab.  That gives you alerts when we are going live. (ALAN – instagram @PPSWO, I don’t do facebook)


Ian – If you want to contact Ian directly, you can reach me at . I love to answer questions specific to western Canada.  I am also looking forward to helping local preppers take their first steps.


You can also occasionally find me giving my .02 worth on Canadian Patriot Podcast, also available on Itunes and Youtube.  There you will find me chatting on the merits of a freer society, bemoaning more government waste, and even diving into the occasional tactically-driven conversation.


Gavin – Instagram: Urbex_GTA


Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)

Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, where we will talk about


Tinfoil hat stuff debunked and/or confirmed


Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Ian) keep learning!

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