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Ep 12 -Physical Fitness in prepping


Eric –Welcome to episode #12 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast, Fitness in prepping.   recorded Feb 2, 2019.


News –


Alan – after the brutal cold of the past week, rain expected for 48 hours. Are your preps safe from flooding?


Ian – Winnipeg Colder than the Poles or Mars


New Jersey Reactor shut down by cold weather.

Eric – Bitter temperatures expected to stick around until Friday



Try to walk, eventually with your bugout bag, or it’s equivalent weight, 5k for 5 days out of 7.  Bonus points if the equivalent weight is including a plate carrier:).

Alternatively , bike 20k ( or jog 2 miles) 5 days out of 7, then once you’re used to it, with a 30 lb  weighted backpack on.

Keep it up until it’s a habit, it gets easier.  Full disclosure, I am still working on the ‘weighted’ aspect….  


Do an actual bug out on foot… (weather dependent)

Shout Outs

Ian – my ‘ unnamed’  homesteading mentor. Also watches the show.  Hanging with him is like drinking from the fire hose of knowledge, yet very fun!  He has been very generous with his time lately!


Also :  MDRGC on CGN, Bogie on GOC.  Raises money for kid’s programs at his local Vancouver range by sorting spent brass on his own time, selling it cheapest on the internet for us reloaders.  


Alan – instagram shoutout to textbook_survival. A bunch of cool tips and tricks, some printables, and just overall a cool person to get to know

Alan- You can find the podcast on Itunes, Podbean, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.  Please help us out take a few minutes and submit a review! It helps other people find us. You can also find us at  Our Youtube live shows are now available, please subscribe to the YouTube channel “The Island Retreat “, and click the notifications tab.  That gives you alerts when we are going live.

Ian – If you want to contact Ian directly, you can reach me at . I love to answer questions specific to western Canada.  I am also looking forward to helping local preppers take their first steps.


Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)

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