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Ep 10 – Ham Radio


Yellow vest bank run




80,00 troops deployed against yellow vests




Brits Prepping for Brexit



Alan – https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/white-rock-still-without-cell-service-after-dec-20-storm/


Article from 20190110: cell phones out of service for more than 30 days after a storm near Vancouver




Article from 20190110: Longton Kansas in a declared state of emergency over lack of cell phone coverage

I used to know Morse Code, but haven’t used it in 20+ years.


http://www.learnmorsecode.com http://learnmorsecode.info I found a couple references reference that are helpful

Ian –  http://nu-ware.com/ (NuMorse is what I used)

Role in preparedness?


  • Monitor local emergency services
  • Monitor “ham chat” on local repeaters
  • Monitor NOAA weather radio
  • Communicate with other local preppers or survival groups
  • Keep in constant contact with security patrols
  • Gain inside knowledge of how emergency services respond to disasters by getting involved in ARES or similar groups


LICENSING – Self study, exam spots, local clubs (ie NARA)  Better to phone vs email re:local courses


Industry Canada, exam generator, and basic info






Ham puzzle


Youtube self-study courses


Perhaps a prepper hailing frequency… Channel 7 GMRS/FRS 462.7125 Mhz (1 Watt)


  • Figure out what type of radio would best suit your needs, and buy a pair.  Even if it’s just a pair of Midland FRSs.


Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival www.rapidsurvival.com and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at feedback@prepperpodcast.ca (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)

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