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Ep 9 – WATER

Eric –Welcome to episode #9 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast. Water (first of a few I’m sure:)

My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such has ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.


Ian – My name is Ian, co-host of the show.  I live on Vancouver Island, on a small hobby farm.   I am an outdoor enthusiast, target shooter, reloader, and my farm’s designated handyman.

My professional background has allowed me to see pretty much every province and territory in Canada.  It also has taught me to adapt to unexpected situations daily, and learn quickly as I go.


Gavin – Hi, I am Gavin, regular panelist on the other CPP, an instructor with Ragnarok Tactical, a volunteer first responder, hunter, camper, business owner and CCFR Field Officer for the GTA.



I’m Alan, and my friends and family call me a safety nerd. My background as a Medical First Responder with St John Ambulance developed a mind for safety. I spent 17 years seeing people at their worst. I teach first aid and coach families to be better prepared


Eric – We have some great content for you in this episode, first of all our panel is growing! We’re going to start off with some news articles relating to preparedness and the outdoors. Next we will be letting you know how we’ve improved our preparedness since our last episode, ,  and then were going to get into the main topic for this episode, Water needs, storage, disinfection, and its role in preparedness.

News –

Ian – Wind storm update.   final tally was 756k customers with no power.

Lessons learned from the power outage , by non-preppers.

Eric – Dec 8th 2018 – Global News – Halton Region’s medical officer of health has issued a boil water advisory for parts of Milton, Ont., following a water main break.

The advisory is expected to remain in place until at least Monday. (2 Days)

Affected residents are advised to boil water for at least one minute and use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth and preparing food.

It is still safe to bathe in the water for adults and older teens, but the water should not be swallowed.

Special care must also be taken when washing dishes, and dishwashers should reach 60 C or higher for the dishes to be safely disinfected.

Boil water advisory issued for parts of Milton

Wanted to cover this article since it’s a common occurance and something you want to be ready for when putting your preps together.


Panel time to discuss news articles if they have anything to add.




Ian –  working like a dog. 13/16 days.   Bought and sold a few bits on CGN.  No preps, other than online shopping for 1000 gal water containers.  (Next major purchase)


Eric – Stocked up the water supply at Costco, grabbed a few cases of water (40 packs) for $2.80. Moved a bunch of dried firewood into the house and garage so we’re ready for the snow, assuming it ever shows up.

Alan – The local no-frills had cases of water on sale this week for 88 cents, so I bought 50. I updated my EDC kits for my job to reflect the combination of being in the office and on construction sites. There was a short-term power outage at home the other day so I got to test my plan. Flashlights were easy to find, candles were easy to set up and everything went well. The power came back on about 7 hours later before we had to address the fridge contents. I also updated my shelf-stable food contents. A full house here could be well-fed for about three weeks currently, and stretch it out for six weeks if we really had to.


Gavin – beefed up my very small experimental indoor garden from 3 plants to 12, added some more search and rescue training to my knowledge base with an intro to Search Manager/Resource Manager/Crew Leader and Route Supply.


Eric – Alright, it’s time to move onto the main topic of the show. . .  water needs, storage, and disinfection.  

Alan – Needs – 2 liters per day just for drinking!  More if actually working/trying to survive:)

Gavin- Not counting dishes, toilets, animals, hygiene , cooking, etc


Eric – Role in preparedness?

Ian -Key, just not as exciting as going to the range!  

Try going without:).

Can be the first concern in certain cases (rural).

Different in the city with a water tower .  It runs dry too.

5 months with no rain in BC….


Bleach – 2 drops per liter (Bleach only lasts a year or so)

Pool shock- hfx prepper

Amazon pool shock –


Iodine – Sterile water, dual use as topical disinfectant


SODIS – Solar Distillation ,

SODIS book here.



Home made pail filter

Sawyer – Walmart in US,

Lifestraw – obsolete

Coffee filters / strainers /colanders

AquaTabs – water purification tablets, package comes with 50 tablets, each tablet is good for 1L of water



Water bob/bathtub (100Gallons / 378 L) Does Not need a bathtub can support itself, however a bathtub makes things easier.


2 liters

Office cooler jugs

Renewable supply-Rain

Hot Water Tank – Often forgotten however holds a significant amount of water. Be aware however of the drain (is it operational?) If you don’t maintain the tank it could be filled with horrible sludge. Depending on the type of anode you have the water could be contaminated with Aluminum.

Usage rates – Toilets up to 5 gal/flush Low flow highly recommended

Animal needs?


Buy a 1 gallon jug of unscented bleach, or I package of pool shock.

Figure out 1 way to filter water with your supplies on-hand.  

Shout Outs

Ian – Patricia Robitaille and Robert Miron.  Authors of the CBC article. Non-preppers who improvised and overcame, without sitting around waiting for others to help them. Despite the haters!

Eric – Terry Blackmore, author of Antigenic Shift, and fan of the podcast. . . if you haven’t already grab a copy of his book from Amazon! I have a signed copy I plan on keeping and selling for millions one day.


Episode Closing

Eric – Listener Email. . . If you want to send in a question, email, or suggest a topic send an email to

One listener email since last episode. . .Hey guys,


Just caught up with your recent first aid episode and I just wanted to let you know my experience with the Red Cross.

I took my certification in April 2018 and they did do hands on training with commercial tourniquets. They used actual CATs but only applied them to paint rollers, so they were smaller than you would normally deal with and had no clue as to how tight you actually need them to go. Thankfully, they taught them correctly and told you not to loosen them or remove them but the subject was over quickly.


Keep up with the great work on the podcast!


All the best,

Better Andrew

He also mentioned a few things we could implement during the show and we’ll add those to future episodes, thanks for the suggestions!


Ian – Itunes reviews?

Eric – No new written iTunes reviews, still last comment from Sasquatch Research Scientist. However we do have a PodBean review from the last episode… TheTorqueMaster – Another excellent Podcast with a wealth of good information on first aid training, knowledge and gear. Keep up the great works guys.



Eric –  I’m going to bring episode 9 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast to an end. . . Gavin and Alan thank you for coming out and being a part of this episode! I hope you’ll come back for future episodes and share your knowledge with our listeners!

Where can people find the show?

Gavin- You can find the podcast on Itunes, Podbean, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.  Please help us out take a few minutes and submit a review! It helps other people find us.  

Alan – You can also find us at  Our Youtube live shows are now available, please subscribe to “The Island Retreat “ YouTube channel, and click the notifications tab.  That gives you alerts when we are going live.

Ian – If you want to contact me ( Ian) directly, you can reach me at, You can also occasionally find me giving my .02 worth on Canadian Patriot Podcast, also available on Itunes and Youtube.

Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)

Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, where we will talk about HAM Radio and Prepper Communication 

Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Ian) keep learning!

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