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Ep 6 – Getting the Family involved.


Eric –Welcome to episode #6 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast…First Youtube LIVE! Getting the family involved. . . My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such has ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.


Ian – My name is Ian, co-host of the show.  I live on Vancouver Island, on a small hobby farm.   I am an outdoor enthusiast, target shooter, reloader, and my farm’s designated handyman.

I have had a lifelong interest in preparedness, and am gladly learning new skills on a regular basis.  My professional background has allowed me to see pretty much every province and territory in Canada. It also has taught me to prepare for abnormal situations daily.


Eric – We have some great content for you in this episode, We’re going to start off with some recent news articles relating to preparedness. Next Ian and myself will be letting you know how we’ve improved our preparedness since our last episode, (listener feedback?), and then were going to get into the main topic for this episode, Getting family and friends involved in preparedness.

NEWS – GM plant Closing in Oshawa – Covered on the other CPP politically, but the actual SHTF moment for many cannot be understated.  A slow motion cash bomb just went off there.Spin off economy s huge.(Keep 3 months salary squirreled away) First mover advantage can be key here, unless they save the plant last minute.


Inevitable Fire sale on houses, Cars, toys.   Not to be a vulture, but there is a prepper opportunity to gear up as the closure approaches.  Hard fact, but still a fact.


Power outage affects hundreds of thousands in Saskatchewan –


Pandemonium?  Seriously?…

Dow tumbles over 1300 points in 2 days.


Economic downturns happen regularly.  Relates to retirement, current wealth, and job losses leading to societal degradation.




Ian – Not much time off lately.  WIll have two weeks to do some work momentarily.  Then xmas rush. Prepped some brass. Refinished a bare steel gun to keep the rust away.  Inventory update underway, and stocked up on some more food we had depleted. Costco is our friend.  American Costco is even better.


Eric – Absolutely nothing prepping wise. . . sometimes it happens


Main topic- Getting the wife and kids prepared (Thx to Brad)


Ian – Hard to judge, depending on how receptive your target audience is to change or rational discourse.  Always keep the emotion to a minimum. Use facts and real-world issues always, not ‘the walking dead’. (Frustrates me on the lack of a BOB every episode)

DO NOT WATCH DOOMSDAY PREPPERS.  A good starter book to have around – The modern Survival guide – Surviving the economic collapse.  By Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre.

Always work around the 3 tenets


Cost Savings –

Peace of mind –

Less Reliance –


Eric – If unable to have a heart to heart immediately, Slow introduction may be necessary.


-Relate current news events (ie Forest fires) to what you would do in the same situation

-Emphasize the slow gov’t reaction to provide aid. (Fort McMurray Fire or Calgary flood)

-Gently mock the lineups at the gas station. (Hurricane Sandy New jersey)

Ian – First Aid course. – Gentle intro into the world where all is not clean or safe.  You have to fix things, not someone else.


Sell it as:


Means of getting a raise at work. (WCB level 1, etc)

Less need to run to emergency room (less reliance)

First responder capability if you see someone in the ditch.  (Community service, peace of mind, less reliance)

Kids get it as babysitting jobs mandate it. (initial Revenue generation)

-Also helps pad their resume seeking first real job.


Open topics  


Canadian Government website –

  • Step by step online plan maker, total of 8 steps. . .
  • Safe exits from home and neighbourhood
  • Meeting places to reunite with family or roommates
  • Designated person to pick up children should you be unavailable
  • Contact persons close-by and out-of-town
  • Health and insurance information
  • Places for your pet to stay
  • Risks in your region
  • Location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical panel, gas valve and floor drain

Guns – (Thx hollywood) Always foremost on freshly-minted preparedness minds, but is no more or less important than any other.  Just a lot more fun than stocking cans or sealing mylar bags.


Social stigma to work around


Try Target shooting, removes taboo of guns around the house.  Use interactive targets like clays, balloons, and steel. Tannerite 🙂  Start with a .22 Always! Always emphasize safety

Do not start with a pistol, as the positive feedback in target success is harder to achieve.


This leads to hunting, (cost savings in meat), healthier food choices, emphasis on need for nutrition.  Renewable food source. Start with grouse, rabbit, etc. Don’t start with deer. Preferably grouse – ‘gateway’ animal and ludicrously easy to clean.  Similar enough to chicken to remove the stigma attached.


Varmint removal if you have problem animals. Leads to  Live trap idea and utilization

Self -Defense course for wife and kids.  Krav Maga, Systema, Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Kali.  Kendo if swordplay is your thing. Even Karate will help


Wait for a news article on a violent assault , emphasize need for self defense versus waiting for police response.  Or, to Protect what you have in the worst case scenario. If you don’t need a gun when times are ‘WROL’ bad, then you are just collecting things for the meanest person on the block when they get desperate enough. Just know that in ‘ROL’ any use of a firearm in Canada guarantees a large legal bill, even if in the right.


Groceries as ‘food insurance’.   Works for car, house, etc. Why not food?   If that doesn’t make sense then you don’t need a fire extinguisher either when times are good.  You have the fire department after all…..


Start with buying in bulk to save money.  


Buy things on sale only. (Cost savings)  Looking at you, CDN Tire.


Bulk barn bigger discounts by the bag versus bin. (Environmentaly friendly less packaging)

Costco Toilet paper.  Way cheaper per roll, up front cost.


Ghosting purchases – Minimal apparent cost increase, eventually increases Peace of mind to avoid the SHTF rush.  Plenty of black friday videos to draw from


I travel frequently for work and in hotels all the time around the world. I have preparedness bags for most all facets of my home life, however no bag or supplies for when I’m on the road. I’d love to develop a bag that is:


-small and light weight

-airplane friendly

-TSA & international security friendly

-tailored to life on the road in hotels


All ideas would be great.




The Travelling Prepper




Rapid Survival Sponsored. . . name will be entered into a draw for an 18 in 1 credit card multi tool


Jerry Cans enough to fill your vehicle’s tanks, and sta-bil.  Rotation Plan. (

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