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Eric –Welcome to episode #5 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast… Post Deer Hunting. . . My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such has ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.

Ian – My name is Ian, co-host of the show.  I live on Vancouver Island, on a small hobby farm.   I am an outdoor enthusiast, hunter, reloader, my farm’s designated handyman.

I have had a lifelong interest in preparedness, and am gladly learning new skills on a regular basis.  My professional background has allowed me to see pretty much every, province and territory in Canada. It also has taught me to prepare for various unexpected situations daily.

Eric – We have some great content for you in this episode, We’re going to start off with some news articles relating to our hunting trip and the outdoors. Next Ian and myself will be letting you know how we’ve improved our preparedness since our last episode, ((((we have some listener feedback to cover off hopefully))))), and then were going to get into the main topic for this episode, Post Deer Hunting.



Eric –

Calgarians found themselves navigating a nasty drive home on Friday as a band of snow blanketed the region.


Swap go bag gear. . .


Ian – California Wildfires.  I had the opportunity to literally pass right over Malibu this week. While it was night, didn’t see much.  WHat did impress me was the level of smoke in SFO

Watching ews – Need for a proper Bugout / INCH bag becomes crystal clear at this point.  Residents had minimal time to leave, and had nothing to come home to.

Halifax –

Small earthquake in Mexico.  Series of them this week in the Province of Oaxaca, 200 km away.  Sitting underneath Popocatepetl, feeling a jiggle; prepper’s bad sleep scenario….


Eric –

Episode’s topic. Post Deer Hunting

Eric – Day 1 all setup, some communication glitches and a deer blasted past all 3 of us… Rest of the week lots of signs but no deer. I left on Thursday, Sat morning the guys got one.

Clarify the carrying first aid stuff on person.

Ian –  Absolutely skunked.  Not alone, as was everyone else. Sighted two off the ferry, good start!  Saw one doe in fast flight jumped in front of my truck near campground. Sweet!  Nothing after. Island much busier than expected, and we had to ensure everyone had their own patch to cover.  Saw zero grouse, or even songbirds. My partner had mechanical and logistical issues, and came late.

Busy enough during the weekdays.  We called it before the weekend rush arrived.

Take aways –

Ian-  We have the tech for now, use it.  Free GPS aps, ( or paid ones such as iHunter.

Testing your gear is key.  I ran into people who had not sighted in their rifles prior to going.

There is no such thing as overdressing for weather.  Most guys I ran into had proper gear and were functioning well.  Layering is the most adaptable style of dress for changing conditions.

Even in good times, people vs animal population is not good.  Imagine when food is tight. Jacklighting, etc would work short term, then deplete populations even faster.

Sleep is key to fast response and sighting ability.  Don’t ruin it by boozing too much after dark. Afternoon naps helped a lot with alertness during dusk time.

Different catch methods ensure SOME success.  My hunting partner ensured we didn’t get ‘completely’ skunked during the trip by catching and releasing a small lake trout.  Good for morale and a real time test for his gear & loadout!

My own failings:

I used riflescope to glass some areas.  Bino would have been better. Packing light versus utility of tools.  

Should have briefed partner on use of walkie talkies during bush push. Running late, Had them, didn’t use them. Safety as well as efficiency issue.

Pounds equals pain.  Can’t stress the importance of lightweight gear.

Physical fitness.  Feel better after my daily hikes.

How we’ve prepped this week

Ian – Unpacked from hunting, and topped off some feeders/waterers.  I bought some feed to keep the stockpile up, had to head off to work.  Been at work since.

Ordered online some used night vision

Black friday sales



Eric – LA Fires inspired us for this one

Ian – Rather than online shopping and pimping out your SHTF rifle….

More realistic use of time beforehand would have been making copies of critical documents .  Passports, marriage / birth certificates, bank accounts, titles to property, serial numbers of valuable items, and pictures for insurance purposes of stuff you would want replaced in case of a major fire.

Eric – Avg Jump drives hold 64 GB of memory.  You could hold all your favorite pics and documents fairly easily on one.

Ian – So your challenge is, to make an I’m never coming home (INCH) USB thumb drive .  Good to use in a hotel business center, friend’s laptop, even staples if need be. Ludicrously light, and preserves wealth and validates any claim you have on property. Expedites insurance claims in good times.

Eric – Let us know anything we should, or you did, add to it, as far as proof ownership, maps, owner’s manuals, etc.

Episode Closing

Eric/Ian – Listener Email Review, and answering of questions sent in.  If you want to send in a question, email

Itunes review?  (Eric)

Shout outs – The actor James Woods!  When the California fire hit, He stayed up for 36 hours straight, coordinating Fire response efforts from NYC.  He used his million+ twitter followers to help pass messages and reunite people separated from each other. Not a fan of social media, but here is a solid use demonstrating its utility!  A solid demonstration of having a non-local communication relay that was not bogged down by overwhelmed cell and land lines!


Ian – Dana, a hunter I met on the ferry to the island, and subsequently ran into repeatedly.  Solid guy, as most hunting folks are.

-agreed on territory we would each cover.  Or had covered

-shared sightings or lack thereof,

-offered assistance, etc. Short term MAG.


Eric –


Eric –  I’m going to bring episode 5 of the Canadian Prepper Podcast to an end. . . Ian where can people find the show online?

Ian- You can find the podcast on Itunes and Podbean, please help us out take a few minutes and submit a review! You can also find us at

Eric –Ian how can people reach you?

Ian –

Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or just can also email me at

Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, where we will talk about getting the wife and kids involved in preparedness.?

Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Ian) keep learning!

Ep 6 Spitballs


Getting the wife and kids prepared


-Relate current news events to what you would do in the same situation

-Emphasize the slow gov’t reaction to provide aid.

-Gently mock the lineups at the gas station.

First Aid course. – Gentle intro into the world where all is not clean or safe.  You have to fix things, not someone else.

Sell it as:


Means of gettign a raise at work. (WCB level 1, etc)

Less need to run to emergency room

First responder capability if you see someone in the ditch.

Kids get it and get babysitting jobs more easily.

Also helps for their resume seeking first real job.

-Target shooting, removes taboo around the house.  Use intereactive targets like clays, balloons, and steel.  Tannerite 🙂 Start with a .22 Always!


Thus leads to hunting, cost savings, healthier food choices, emphasis on need for nutrition.  Renewable food source. Start with grouse, rabbbit, etc. Don’t start with deer.


Varmint removal if you have problem animals. Leads to  Live trap intro.


leads to self defense.  Protect what you have in the worst case scenario.  If you don’t need a gun when times are bad, then you don’t need a fire extinguisher either.  Just know that in ‘ROL’ any use of a firearm in Canada guarantees a large legal bill, even if in the right.


Groceries as ‘food insurance’.   Works for car, house, etc. Why not food?

Start with buying in bulk to save money.  


Peace of mind to avoid the rush.  Plenty of black friday videos to draw from

Buy things on sale only.


Bulk barn bigger discounts by the bag versus bin



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