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News –


Lebanon power outage

Drones on the loose

Thanks, BA!

⅔ federal workers vaccine exempt


Amateur ham radio operator saves his friend’s life 500 miles away


Supply chain – christmas at risk

Hospital staffing to get worse as covid mandates kick in

Scott – NASA DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) – crashing a kinetic vehicle into a small asteroid to just nudge it’s trajectory, and have the small change cause huge changes in the long term course.  It’s nice that NASA is looking after this and it’s one less thing for me to worry about. 


Jeff – Make a point of sitting down with a couple like minded folks and talk about potential concerns or solutions to them.  


Upcoming events

Ian – Film Aficionado Gun Series (FAGS) match Oct 23 at Guelph Rod and Gun Club

Its kind of like IDPA but also entirely not related to IDPA at all

Deal of the Week

Alan – Bluehive Power Bank, 5300 mAh $15.98 reg $49.99


Eric – Wildgame Innovations Prizm 20MP Lightsout™ Trail/Game Camera Combo


$99.99  reg $229.99

Survival PDF collection.

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