Shark infested Fire-Nadoes

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News –

Ian – Doug Ford says 99 per cent sure of NEVER another lockdown……Sure, Doug.

DHS Offering course for quarantine of rural populations……

USSA News: DHS Training Course: Prepare For MASS PUBLIC Quarantine Of Unvaccinated Rural Americans


Eric – 

Air quality statement issued as wildfire smoke returns to eastern Ontario


Jeff –  CDC updates requirements for COVID PCR test –


New Segment:W.A.M the Wide Area MAG

Scott – We all love learning things, and while there are some very intelligent people around here (present company excluded), there are lots of smart people out there with skills and talents we all want to learn from.  We would love to hear from you at  Who doesn’t love beef jerky, so we’d love to talk about food dehydration.  Also, we want to look at preppers from around the world – I was talking to a friend with South African connections, and they take their preps seriously.


Think about a tornado shelter  –


Jeff – If in Tornado country.  Put some basics in the cold room.


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Ian – Mapleseed events


Deal of the Week

Ian – Costco – 4 pack Brake cleaner for 4.97

Good for brakes…..And cosmoline.


Survival PDF collection.

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