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Alan – Danish soccer player collapses on the field, quick medical attention credited in his safety. Allegedly, CPR performed on site (unconfirmed). Carbon Monoxide NOT suspected as the cause.


G7 summit in England currently. specifically picture 15 of this slide deck… unmasked, undistanced leaders thinking the cameras were off. Pretty sure if the 7 most powerful people in the world can hang out without a mask I can go to costco without one


Shooting in Austin Texas video shows some quick actions by Austin PD with TECC/TCCC skills and IFAKs saving lives in a hot environment. Great job by the officers involved to both stop the killing and stop the dying.


facial recognition software….


Hackers left a password handy for the man to find 

Either A) the FBI is full of shit, or B) crypto isn’t as secure as they say.  


Perth ‘doomsday prepper’ arrested with small arsenal of guns and ammo in suburban back shed

Jeff – Ford government uses “notwithstanding” clause after court says his 12 month ban on 3rd party political ads are “unconstitutional”



Alan – Wargame a similar scenario

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