To ‘Bug In’ or ‘Bug Out’

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News –

Alan – – car goes into Niagara Gorge, one dead. Drive safe and pay attention 


Ian – bolt guns caught up in gun ban….

375 /416/408 CT

460 WB Mag

50 BMG


Biggest deficit ever!

850 million to the WHO given away during the biggest downturn ever

Canada will contribute $850 million to global fight against COVID-19: Trudeau

Not political (much) in nature, just saying how much our government is burning cash without oversight.  Economic issues guaranteed.


CCFR Going to court!

We’re Going to Court – Charter Challenge


Definition of Bug Out


Decide on the factors that would compel you to leave your primary residence.  Have a list compiled with critical items to take with you with a “15 minute notice” window.  

Fort MacMurray is still the best example I can think of in recent memory.


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