Winter Vehicle Preparedness

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News –


Alan – massive rain and snow expected for southwestern ontario, winter is coming. 


Ian – federal election happened.  Gun bans are being discussed. Prepare accordingly. 


B.C. will need huge power supply increase to electrify transportation industry: report

Eric – 


B.C. to update emergency program law to improve disaster response, supports


Hugues – Minority Liberal Government elected in Canada, wait and see game for owners of restricted and possible non-restricted semi-automatic rifles. Hedging bets.

Jumper cables


Heat source – hand warmers, candles, catalytic, little buddy if power available…..








Shovel & traction aide


Cell / Battery charger




Windshield washer fluid – seriously

Urban preppers – consider a CAA membership…..



Put at least a coat & toque and/ or sleeping bag in your car. As well as jumper cables and a small snack.  



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