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Ian –  Things continuing to go down in Hong Kong


Injured hiker left behind – What NOT to do….


Show your environmental street cred by reducing your need for ammo packaging, less waste to landfill😊

Number one, before you buy anything, shop around and double check.  After today, Youtube the daylights out of anything that is unclear to you, and decide if time savings or cost savings is most important.  Or email us!


World’s finest trimmer from Little Crow Gunworks.  They will ship from the US, and if you have a US post box, ship it there to save some cash.  Or use amazon.

Powder is bought by the pound, measured in grains.  7000 grains per pound.

‘Mainstream’   recommended Gunpowder is either Hodgdon’s or IMR brand. 

 Where to source components and equipment…


*Shop around, wait for sales, then stock deep.

For Projectiles, powder, and primers:


Budget shooter supply


Cabela’s / bass pro 


Fast toys winnipeg


Local gun store.


Black Sheep brass offers relatively cheap brass all prepped and ready to go.  Cost more than raw brass, but saves huge amounts of time.

For more info:




And for some basic reloading data, hodgdon’s site. 

 Other media content – Jason Blaha, Fortunecookie45LC, the reloading podcast

Tools / Equipment needed:  


PPE – Dust mask, gloves, ear and eye protection 


A tumbler


Case lube  


Press / Dies


A means of trimming cases.  (generally) Not applicable to pistol brass


Case prep system


Primer system


Powder dispenser and scales.


Dial Calipers for OAL and trim length testing


Case Gauges for testing finished product. Saves chambering a live round in the reloading room.


Ziploc bags/Ammo cans/re-usable Cartridge cases.  Always mark with the load, OAL, and powder used. Helps troubleshoot or determine which works best.


Bonus item:  Chronograph to verify actual speed versus recipe



Cost it out to see if it works for you.   To see if it’s financially worth it.

Compare the cost per round with what you’re paying, and how much spare time you have, and what your time is worth.

Less common calibers with higher round usage, higher payoff.  Ie 8mm Mauser and 1000year, this is you:)

The great British Columbia Shake out –

10/17, at 10:17

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