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Eric –Welcome to episode #36  of the Canadian Prepper Podcast, recorded September 11,  2019.

My name is Eric, and I’m the host of the show.  I am based in southern Ontario. I’m a hunter, target shooter, HAM radio operator (VE3EPN), and computer geek. I got into preparedness when I was working front line in emergency services and witnessed an over reliance on Emergency Services during major events, such as ice storms, power outages, etc. I started a small preparedness company to help get people prepared and able to look after themselves for at least 72 hours, if not longer.

Ian – My name is Ian, and I live on a small hobby farm in BC.   I am an outdoor enthusiast, sport shooter, reloader, field officer for the CCFR, and my farm’s designated handyman. 

Alan – I’m Alan, and my friends and family call me a safety nerd. My background as a Medical First Responder developed a mind for safety. I teach first aid and coach family and friends to be better prepared. I’m a locksmith by trade and have worked in the physical security industry for more than 20 years now.


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Eric – We have some well-preserved content for you in this episode,  We’re going to start off with some news articles relating to preparedness and the outdoors. Next we will be letting you know how we’ve improved our preparedness since our last episode.  Then we’ll get into the main topic for this episode – Canning in preparedness.  


News –

Alan –

Armed robbery, suspect still at large. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open. In this case no one got hurt, but it could have gone south quickly.


Ian – Note to mention 9/11.  Loss of life to civilians, first responders, airline employees.  You can also never predict the black swan events.   


 I heard there was a mild storm in The Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian .  Remnants going towards Hugues!

Bahamian government official showed video of water above window level!


-gang use of firearms on a disarmed population

– only means of communication for most is satellite Internet and messaging apps

– governments are squabbling over aid and support, delaying the recovery operations. City of Miami is sending their USAR team without federal support/authorization.


Eric – Three ways to preserve your fall harvest



GOSO did not renew so no ad this time around


Eric – Got out in the wilderness and disconnected for a few days, went fishing and practices my filleting skills and wilderness survival skills.

Ian –  Haven’t’ been home much  since last episode… did finish the wood stacking.  Girls did their last poultry show of the season; fared very well, birds going to auction.  Should bring in more cash as show winners. Sighted in the rifle. Rifle season open. Changed out a tire on the Genny trailer. (Inflation story)

Alan – some vehicle maintenance in anticipation of the cold white stuff flying in a few weeks (it’s really only 6-8 weeks away friends, sorry to slap you with that reality). Having a mechanic buddy teach me more vehicle maintenance so I can be more self-sufficient. Next task for the car is going to be brakes and wheel hubs. I’m apprehensive about working on my car in the middle of nowhere. I’m a 45 minute walk to the nearest parts store if I mess something up, so I’m happy to be learning from someone with greater knowledge than me. I can fix just about anything, but have less than no experience fixing cars.


Main Topic – 

Eric – Alright, it’s time to move onto the main topic of the show. (Each host insert talking points here)

Ian –  Why?  Creates a system of making shelf-stable foods, including meat products.  

Allows you to take advantage of sales with no freezer space, preserve freezer contents in an emergency with power out, or use fruits  about to expire .

Adds variety to the daily diet, as well as the long term survival diet – Huge morale boost with sweets!


2 Main methods :  Pressure canning and water bath method

Salting is for another day……


Large pot or pressure canner

Tongs.  Funnel. Jars, lids, (rings) 

Magnetic lid grabber


Regardless of method, hygiene is important

Clean your jars.  Sterilize in oven at 250 for 20 minutes

Sterilize your lids.  Don’t touch the inside after 

Simplest is water bath method.  Requires just a large cooking pot and lid.  Used for jam/preserves. Keto warning-)!! High sugar content! 


Water level is put above the lids. 

Boil for 

Remove with tongs

As they cool, you will hear the lids pop as the jar cools and pressure reduces .  

(Vic prepper11 mentioned paraffin use)

Second method is a little more involved.  Pressure canning is used for meat products.  Even butter!

Used to achieve a higher temperature than 100c.

Takes care of trichinosis and botulism concerns.  (Lessens them at least)

Requires a specific pressure canner such as the “All-American “ brand.  

Water level is only a few inches.  Brought up to boil with lid on and venting for 10 minutes

Specific weight is used over vent to achieve a specific pressure, depending on the recipe you’re using and what product you’re preserving.  

Boiled under pressure for 90 mins.  Pressure allowed to reduce as the entire pressure canner cools.  Don’t be surprised when the jars are still boiling when you take them out hours later.


Alan – my better half and I decided to learn to can this weekend coming. We’re going to make pickles and salsa this weekend. Pictures and video to come!

Eric –  The summer is almost come to an end, and shortly your garden will be in a can!

There are two main ways to can produce: boiling water bath and pressure canning.

The water bath method involves packing glass canning jars with food, leaving adequate headroom, and heating the jars in a pot of boiling water for a prescribed amount of time. 

I find it easiest to use a canning kit that includes a funnel, and headspace measurement to ensure everything is in the can and head space is adequate.

The heat drives any air from the jar, sterilizing the food and creating a vacuum. 

The water bath method works best with naturally acidic foods like fruits, and alkaline foods that have been acidified, like pickles. 

Improper canning can result in the growth of harmful spoilers, so find a reliable source to follow.


Start out with something simple like salsa, its really hard to screw up and has high acidity so likelihood of bacteria is limited.


Under the banner of cost savings, buy some jam jars on blowout after the fall rush is over.  You’ll be set up for preserving next year, or at least have some trendy drinking glasses.


Episode Closing

Upcoming events


Anybody make it to taccom?

Parksville-Qualicum  Gun show in Coombs, BC 

Sept 15, 2019

Coombs fairground


Next to goats on the roof and A Company military surplus.


I’ll be at the CCFR booth.

Shout Outs

Alan – my buddy who’s giving up a saturday afternoon to help me learn about cars.

Eric – The guys at firearm legal defence, thanks for making sure Canadians have a decent firearm insurance policy!

Ian – my wife.  Who has a sense of humour about my sense of humour when it came to my Keto talk.  Also answered questions about canning I didn’t know about.  

Makers of “The Blackout” Podcast….  Scott Conroy and Rami Malek

“A” Company Military Surplus.  Nomex work jackets for 15 bucks.  Extreme cold weather OD parkas for 60!

Email / Itunes reviews?

Eric – 31 5* 1 4* 1 1*   1 new written review Evan, but it’s taken!! Aug 29 2019

Email with some cool people to interview, info to come.


44 Subscribers to youtube

Alan – 

Ian –  



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Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, Winter Camping 


Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Ian) keep learning!

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