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Alan – a SHORT article referencing a small fire in southeastern Manitoba. This one was knocked down quickly, but certainly frames the concept that fires can happen anywhere at any time.


Eric – City of Edmonton Audit report finds gaps in the city’s emergency preparedness plan


Audit report finds gaps in city's emergency preparedness plan



Cell coverage trouble during Raptor Parade: –


Cell networks overloaded, people lose connection intermittently at Raptors Parade



50 million without power! Argentina and Uruguay not Venezuela!









(Ian’s idea.  Mock and scrap at your leisure) Make sure batteries are changed in all detectors, now, and with every daylight savings time change. 



Also endeavor to have at least 1 extinguisher per floor in your house, and one in the garage.  Check their serviceability as well.




Episode Closing


Upcoming events


2019 Annual Preppers Meet, Desboro, ON


July 11-14



July 6, Podcaster charity shoot.  Drumheller, AB.  All are welcome.  Planned events include a ‘Mapleseed’ course, and a ‘stop the bleed ‘course……Not to mention the pig roast!


Two events in Campbell River, BC



Campbell River Gun Club



June 22 Project Mapleseed – Marksmanship course taught with 10/22s, all shot at 25 yards.  Simulated up to 400 yards with small targets.



June 23 Canadian Rimfire Precision Series Match




Shout Outs


Alan – Benoit and the ReinoldMax team for the awesome extinguishers



Hugues – I can be reached at and I have my own YouTube Channel, just search “HFX Prepper”. Video uploads to resume in late May.




Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)


Eric – Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, EDC in a Canadian environment from a legal standpoint


Eric – Until next time, be prepared, stay safe, and (Alan) keep learning!




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