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Break and enter in Kelowna ends in stabbing


First wildfire of the season. In a traditional fire-prone area, they weren’t ready because it was ‘too early’.




Civil asset forfeiture laws coming soon to Canada!




Bill c-71 passes the senate…:Prepare accordingly


Eric – Tornadoes strike east end of Ottawa area.


Tornadoes strike east end of Ottawa area




Watch the following video, see if it piques your interest or raises awareness.  If it does, you get how lockpickers feel:)   (Many thanks to Matt McClatchey from Slam fire Podcast)




Upcoming events


2019 Annual Preppers Meet, Desboro, ON


July 11-14





July 6, Podcaster charity shoot.  Drumheller, AB.  All are welcome.  Planned events include a ‘Mapleseed’ course, and a ‘stop the bleed ‘course……


Fall 2019- basic non-destructive entry. Geared towards first responders but open to most. Location and price to be determined


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