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This week we cover off some basics in vehicle preparedness


News –


Alan – Venezuelan Gov’t using military force against citizens, 4 dead, 200+ injured and 200+ detained in ONE clash


Ian – Alberta premiere tables ‘turn off the taps legislation ‘


Calgary blizzard


(Interesting video of the cars in the ditch)


Emergency preparedness week – some more publications for those starting out.

 Every day preps.  


Emergency preps


BACKROADS map, in addition to the roadmap, topo maps of your area


-regional and season-appropriate clothes.  Ie rain coat, Parka, winter boots, long undies, etc.


-Glass breaker: new cars are being built with laminate glass all around, so a glass breaker “may” not work on all cars. Seatbelt cutter as well


Food & water// light/ candle&lighter/ heat source / blanket (hot tip -Aftermarket 12 v cigarette lighter) AL- I carry a zippo in my daily life, so a can of fluid lives in my console


Siphon & jerry can


Knife  -Window edge sharpening (Don’t cross the CDN border with a folder, fixed blade only)



Safety glasses/n95 masks, mechanix gloves/work gloves


Back up battery pack for cell phone


“Mini hospital” First aid kit (Tourney, stop the bleed class/ rubber gloves/ face shield, pressure dressing /


??Fentanyl kit??? (Naloxone)  Ep144 of CPP covered its dangers. AL-Opiates suck, Narcan isn’t perfect but it’s free and better than nothing. Don’t do drugs mmmkay?


-Ham radio


The Get home Bag


May or may not be appropriate for some, the ‘Get home’ AKA the ‘must ditch the vehicle’ bag.


-Sleeping bag / shelter




Knife and multitool


Water filter (sawyer:) and bottle


Food  (Mountain house/datrex, or just granola bars rotated)


Backpack in case you have to ditch the car


– add a good pair of running shoes/hiking boots if your daily life doesn’t allow you to wear comfy shoes. If you wear work boots, dress shoes, high heels (right Eric?) or sandals, a good pair of shoes or light boots make walking home a lot less unpleasant



Put at least three of the preparedness items we mentioned, that you are missing, into your car.

Let us know if you added something unique or even more beneficial!

Episode Closing


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This year’s charity is the Big Country Anti-Violence Association . –


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