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a recent BBC article about food security. Reference to the siege of Sarajevo and how quickly life got BAD for those trapped inside


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Put yourself out there.  Make it a goal to at least make ‘online’ contact with at least one new prepper within an hour’s drive.  


International preppers network


(Not tinder for preppers)

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Upcoming events


Eric – 2019 Annual Preppers Meet, Desboro, ON


July 11-14


Ian – 1st annual Western Canada Hot Springs Meet


May 25/26 – Weekend after the May long weekend.


Sloquet Hot springs

Campcraft, discussion, meet up for like minded people,  an adventure to get there.


Also marked on MAPS.ME APP (You can meet the podcast challenge by coming out for the weekend)


Also…. Save the date…. July 6, Podcaster charity shoot.  Drumheller, AB. More details to come. All are welcome. Planned events include a ‘Mapleseed’ course, a fun competition, and the chance to take a nationally famous  ‘fur-latchy’ pistol course……


Alan – Instagram, PPSWO

Ian – You can reach Ian directly, by emailing me at .  On IPN, you can find me under the username “The Island Retreat”


ERIC G- Username “Protector” on IPN


Eric P – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)


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