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FP predicts a recession. Although the Libs deny it, we’re overdue

two girls, 5 and 8, spend the weekend lost in the woods. Survival training from the local 4H club kept them going. Looks like they did everything right by staying still, finding shelter, and having some equipment with them

Eric – Watchdogs proposing new framework for cryptocurrency exchanges on heels of Quadriga collapse

Ian –

Taha? – Tax Prep Software and Privacy Concerns (Since it is the tax season!)

Why do we worry about financial preps?


Alan – Acts as a Lay-off insurance


Ian – Medical / disability insurance, if not covered by you company.  More peace of mind.


Eric – Savings to buy gear at Rapid Survival? (Haha!)


Ian –  Basic levels of financial preps .  


1 – Financial INsolvency, like the government


2 -Financial solvency – Debt + living expenses equal to income (Tarzan theory)


3 – Financial Stability – Debt + Living expenses = income (Plus emergency fund)


What to have on hand. . .

1.Copies of all financial documents

a.Bank statements

b.Credit card statements

c.Mortgage statements

2.List of all account numbers, sure it’s handy your phone app automatically knows this, but what if the bank systems are down and they go back to pen and paper?

3.Identification so you can prove the account is yours. Know whos on your accounts and what access they have.

  1. Keep a copy of your credit report, and watch it for fraudulent entries, the sooner you catch them the better!

5.Cash. . . if there is a power outage for example, ATM’s, debit and credit machines will eventually stop working, keep some cash on hand. Make sure it’s small bills as well since there might not be the possibility of making change.

Alan – Keep hard copies, soft backups (USB drive) and cloud backups of all the important documents.




Ian – Save a small amount monthly,($100?) the goal being to end up with a 6 months of basic expenses as a contingency fund.  IT SHOULD cover many (Dare I say most?) unexpected expenses.


Eric – Sign up for a MyCRA account and track your account use


Alan – Christmas fund idea: week after Christmas save $52. The next week add $51, and so on every week. It puts $1,327 in an account on December 1st. If you put it in an interest-generating account it can be even more

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