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Alan - search called off for two missing fishermen in Florida 


ambulances tied up, never showed up in time for patient.


Public Safety Canada: Government of Canada Invests in Flood Mitigation Project in Ontario


YouTube- Dr Eric berg and Thomas delauer


The Keto answers podcast



See if it might work for you??  If Other diets have not worked for you, this one is fairly simple.


Upcoming events


Gavin - Tactical and Competitive Shooting sports show - Sept 6-8 in Toronto


Parksville gunshow.  September 15 in Coombs, BC.  Coombs fairgrounds , 0830


I’ll be at the CCFR booth.

Chris Gilmour - Wilderness Survival Essentials Oct 5 - 6th 2019 Guelph ON  $260+tax

Eric – Please  check out Rapid Survival and get me there on live chat while buying some prepper gear, or you can also email me at (while still buying prepper gear at Rapid Survival)


Eric - Thanks for joining us, and tune in for the next episode, Canning the fall harvest 

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